Please send an email with your email address (your inlog) to info@olland.biz

By receiving a password you can start and use HorseManager immediately.

Basiclisence € 30,- a month. (on start at least 1 months € 360,- a year) inclusive hosting, backup, service and maintance.


Stallionowner module:

Number of coverings:

0-99 -> 4,- EUR each covering

100-199 -> 3,- EUR each covering

200-299 -> 2,- EUR each covering

>300 -> 1,- EUR each covering


Interested in a special Chipreader for efficiënt working with the HorseManager Apps (TAP Touch – DAP Touch – HAP Touch)? Price € 475,-


21,5 Touchscreen for stable, canteen, office. Price € 550,-

API (Application Program Interface) for conncetion with youre website. One time € 500,- (this costs canceled when we develop you're website). Yearly costs € 100,-

Ridingschool module € 20,- on top of the basicmodule.


Intrest in a new website? call us for the oppertunities.


Need a consultant for support on location? Please call us for more information.

All prices are exclusive VAT 21%.


Aanvullende licentie voor hengstenhouders (HAP), hier is een staffel van toepassing om de kleinere stations toch de nieuwste software te laten gebruiken en grotere dekstations een aanzienlijke korting te geven. Deze module is inclusief het NVWA controlescherm voor de export van sperma.