Why using Horse Manager in your business?

Because you wanted to know what happens in your business.

Do I not forget to send invoices. Do we not forget to vaccinate the horses on time.

I have to call the NVWA on time. I have to request FEI-passports on time.

Do I not forget to ask de veterinary to check the mare.


This is why Horse Manager will be the perfect tool for your business.


Keypoints; registration by useful apps right from the start and mostly in your accommodation, a short office time and always in control with information for other participants in the process.


Horse Manager is your tool, with logical software and not a weighty usermanual.


Interested? Please feel free to call us for an appointment/presentation. Together

we will find your benefits and a way how to shorten your proces.


The first screen of Horse Manager is always opening with the ‘dashboard’.

Here you will find your ‘to do list’ and other planned or not finished actions.

In the calender you can make your future planning. Your shoeing-smith

is not coming every day but f.i. once a week.


By selecting a customer on the left side of the menu you will find the information about  horses, stable, support and other activities.

Also owners of a stallion station find the information about stallions and breeding.


At the top of this screen you can make a planning for training, you can registrate the results, you can have a view to the invoice history and you can set up your software.