About us

The young and dynamic team from Horse Manager will support you in implementing the software in an efficiënt way. We are working for you.

 Joan van Gorkum

Joan van Gorkum


Automation support Olland

Since 2001, Automatiseringsdiensten Olland delivers software for horse branches, first to stallion stations (HAP), later followed by training stables (TAP).


In 2014 an other total new package was developed; with the latest and newest techniques you are up-to-date. You can view your information everywhere in the world.


This was the start of HorseManager. The first implementation started late 2014.

First we will update the software every month, later the updates will take place every quarter of the year. You decide which information will be important for you. By making a bucketlist we decide in which release this update will take place.